Yay, cuz I’m blogging!: Getting Back Into The Swing Of Blog Life


That’s how I’m feeling right now. It’s nice to be back in the blogging game…

And this time around, I’ll be taking a COMPLETELY different approach.

Before my blog was focused on my personal life. Now, I may randomly post here and there about… well my randoms.

But as you can see by the way this website is now structured, content will be mostly related to:

  • WordPress Web Design (because it’s just crazy awesome to talk about WordPress!)
  • Squarespace and Shopify Design tips (because I’m also into those two)
  • My Latest Projects
  • Branding
  • and Graphic Design Tips and Tricks!

All the share, share, share…

I’ll also be easing back into blogging. For now, I plan to post a blog at least once a week until I feel hella comfortable enough to add in another blog day to my current content schedule. This schedule includes regular postings to my Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so yay for that!

If you’re not following me on any of those platforms, you should because we can be e-friends!

Get excited, stay tuned and all that jazz!

I can’t wait to share some web design and branding goodness. 

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