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Learn essential tips and tricks for your WordPress-based small business website.

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Your website design process could flow smoother if you think content first.

Take the overwhelm out of putting your core business information for your new website together by REALLY planning it out.

The Small Biz Website Content Planner will guide you in creating thoughtful website content that resonates with your target audience.

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A Bit About the Blogger

Meet Brittany

I’m a DC/MD/VA based web designer who enjoys working with highly-driven individuals. I’ve got over 6 years of experience in the web/graphic design game and I absolutely ♥ creating WordPress-based websites for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

It’s nice to meet you #smallbizsquad.

I’m also all about teaching small business owners how to use their websites to WORK for their business. It’s not just some pretty thing that takes up space on the internet; your website is your biggest marketing tool and it should just as hard as you do!

Other things about me: gaming and knitting = ♥, I’m most definitely a foodie and I absolutely adore cats (which sucks because I’m allergic to them 😂).