As a small business owner, you've got a LOT on your plate. Most of the tasks that you complete on the daily for are there for your business to thrive.

Time is your most precious resource when it comes to running a business. And when it’s compromised due to having to figure out your way around getting your website up and running or creating a graphic for an event/promotion, you feel that time slipping away. You KNOW that you could have used it to handle something that’s right up your wheelhouse to enhance your business.

You also know that you need a website for your business and that you must have your branding identity established.

Simply because EVERYONE is online these days looking for the next best thing to solve their problems.

You and your small business can be that problem solver… you just need folks to take notice and take action.

⚡️B R I T A H K N E E S Web Design and Development was created to make it easier for YOUR small business to gain awesome website and branding solutions that will attract your ideal client.

Brittany and her skills need way more than 5 stars. I had my website originally designed by someone else and over the last year Brittany has steadily been cleaning it up and improving it and it has directly led to more leads, sales, and profit. We know because we ask every new client about the site and we hear "it only took me two clicks to get where I wanted" and "the site on my phone was quick and helped me sign up in seconds" and "it was so clean and simple it was easy to navigate without getting lost". If you're struggling with your site definitely set up a free call with Brittany. She is super knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, and knows her stuff. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Butch Santucci, Owner and Operator of Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition: Home of Wreck Room CrossFit
Butch Santucci
CEO of Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition

You've Come to The RIGHT Place if you're ready to...

  • Get web/branding designs that will attract YOUR ideal client
  • Gain more insight into how to improve your business's current web presence
  • Receive custom designs and services that'll have your business stand out in a big way
  • Know that you have ongoing support even after your custom project is completed
  • Take back your time and focus on running your business

A Bit About Brit...

I’m a DC/MD/VA based web designer who enjoys working with highly-driven individuals. I’ve got over 6 years of experience in the web/graphic design game and I absolutely ♥ creating WordPress based websites that get the job done for YOUR small business.

Random Facts about Me

  • When I'm not glued to my computer, I'm either CrossFitting, gaming, knitting or curled up with a good book.
  • Scrolling through cat photos on Instagram makes my heart smile.
  • Stellar food also makes my heart grin in the biggest way.

Let's Work Together.

I’m ready to create something awesome for your small business!