5 Easy As Heck Tweaks to Spice Up Your Squarespace Website

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Got a Squarespace website? That’s pretty cool.

Me? I personally don’t have a Squarespace website.

I’m a #wordpresser and hella proud of it. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t know some cool thangs about making your Squarespace website cool AF.

Let’s learn some random and actionable Squarespace stuff from this WordPress nerd!

Lol, not sure if any of the above was motivation enough for you to continue reading this post. But seriously, I know some Squarespace sweetness and resources so keep scrolling and reading…

Hide Tags in Posts

Tags in blog posts help to bring in more search engine visitors to your posts and ultimately, your website (here’s an awesome article on why they’re pretty important). They can also be a bit of an eyesore for readers of your blog.

So let’s hide those bad boys.

Here’s a quick little CSS snippet to add into the Custom CSS section of you Squarespace website that will remove tags (Home -> Design -> Custom CSS).

.collection-type-blog article footer .tags { display: none; }

To not show tags or categories:

.collection-type-blog article footer { .tags, .categories { display: none; } }

Easy CTA Buttons

CTA buttons are important little things. They hype up attention to a specific piece of content/promotion/service that you want your website visitors to get to as quickly as possible.

And Squarespace provides an easy way to implement them on your website through Button Blocks. Check out their step-by-step Button Block guide here.

Even cooler… if you want to track the clicks/conversions on your CTA buttons which will give you insight on how your visitors interact with these elements, check out Squarespace’s guide on Form & Button Conversions Analytics here.*

*Note: You have to have a Business or Commerce plan for access to the Form and Button Conversions Analytics feature.

We just got a little fancy with that one…

Quote Blocks (Importance, Usage and Styling)

Quote Blocks can be used to bring life to quoted text in your blog posts and client testimonials.

It’s pretty important to use the actual <blockquote> element vs. just making your quoted text an H1, H2 or just simply bolding the text. The <blockquote> element keeps structure and semantics in check for the HTML code of your website.

To use this element in Squarespace, you would insert a Quote Block where you would want to place your quoted text.

You can style your Quote Block in the Site Styles panel of your website. This goes for most templates in Squarespace.

Get Rid of “Powered by Squarespace” in your footer

When your Squarespace website is good and set-up with it’s base styling, there is usually a little blurb at the bottom of your website which reads, “Powered by Squarespace”. You probably don’t want this in the footer of your website. So lets say “Goodbye” to that blurb!

  1. Scroll down to the footer section of your website.
  2. Hover over the footer and click Edit.
  3. In this footer block editor, click and drag the text block into the trash icon that comes up.
  4. From here, you can replace the text with whatever you like by adding a new block.
  5. Be sure to click Save to publish your changes.

And presto! It’s gone! 🙂

For more on this and going deeper into editing your footer section, check out Squarespace’s documentation on this here.

Send Blog Posts to FB/Twitter/G+/Pinterest

This is a very handy and important tweak. Sharing your wonderful blog posts across your favorite social media accounts can easily generate new visitors to your website. Squarespace has in-depth documentation on how to do this which I follow when setting up Squarespace websites for my clients. This goes into pushing content to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr platforms.

The handiest function would be adding a Pin it button on your content. This makes it easier for visitors of your website to share your posts, pictures, and even products with it’s pricing to Pinterest which is great exposure for your website. 

This documentation gives you all the steps to set this up and to even style the save button to your liking! 

There’s a ton that can be done to have your Squarespace website/blog ready for your target audience. This post just skims the surface of what can be achieved. Be on the lookout for more Squarespace and WordPress website tweaks from me!

BTW, do you have some that you’d like to share or even expand on the ones that I posted? Post your favorite tweaks in the comments!

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