4 Big Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need a Professional Email Address

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We all know that doing business online requires an email address. But… if you are currently running a business with a free default email address (aka yourawesomename@gmail.com) it can actually cause your brand to be painted in not-so-professional light.

I know you’re probably on the other side of the computer screen like, “Seriously Brittany? All that from using my yourawesomename@gmail.com email address?

Unfortunately, yes.

Here’s the thing, if you want to be taken seriously via your online communications with potential customers, having a professional email address in place easily impresses your audience.

In this post, you’ll learn why having a professional email address is essential in your business and my go-to cost-effective way of getting your own setup today!

You’ll Make a Professional First Impression

Let’s dive deep into first impressions. They mean everything when it comes to running a business and consistently attracting your dream customers.

And your professional email address not only impresses who you’re corresponding with online, but it also:

  • Builds credibility and trust for your brand
  • Gives customers peace-of-mind to input their payment information in your website if your email address matches your website’s domain name

Keeping up a professional image in business is part of having a successful brand so getting a professional email address setup should be done right after your new domain name is purchased.

It’s a Direct Link To Your Website (aka easy marketing)

Since a professional email address is branded by your website’s domain, it’s easier for someone to look your website up.

It’s easy marketing folks. When you put your professional email address on business cards, email signatures, and on other marketing materials, you make it even easier for people to find your website. From there they learn about what you do and will engage with your business. This leads to more sales!

Your Messages Will Less Likely to Be Marked As Spam

When you’re ramping up your email marketing, you want to make sure that your messages and newsletters don’t end up in your subscriber’s spam folders. If you are still using a .gmail.com, .yahoo.com, or .hotmail.com your message may end being marked as spam since spammers are known to use free email addresses.

Having your marketing email addresses sent out with your professional email address ensures that your messages won’t be seen as a risk by your subscriber’s email service of choice.

True Control of Email Management

Standardizing professional email addresses comes in handy when you begin building a team for your business. Each of your staff members can be given a standard company email address (firstname@yourawesomecompany.com).

This keeps branding consistent in your business along with safeguarding company sensitive messages when conducting business online. So if one of your staff members leaves your organization, you can remove that person’s inbox access and redirect their messages to someone who takes their place.

My Go-To Way Of Getting a Professional Email Address

So how do you get this setup for your small business? If your domain is on a hosting platform, they probably have a service in place that allows you to create email addresses right from your hosting account dashboard. This setup is different for each hosting platform so you’ll want to get in touch with their customer service support to walk you through the process.

Since I host my website on Flywheel, I went with Google Domains for my domain registration. If you don’t have your domain purchased yet, here’s why I think you should go with Google Domains for your own:

  • No hidden fees when purchasing your domain
  • Easy to directly hook up with Google Workplace to create your professional email address
  • Domains start at $9 a year with most domains costing just $12 each year
  • Free domain privacy protection which protects your domain from spam and identity abuse
  • Search and save domains as favorites

Google Workplace (what used to be GSuite) is what I use to set up my professional email address which is super-easy to setup after your domain purchase from Google Domains.

A Google Workplace account with one professional email address set up on it costs just $6 a month. They provide instructions for getting this setup with a new Google Domains domain and for domains registered on other platforms.

First impressions are major when doing business. Show up as a trustworthy and professional source in your audience’s inboxes easily by setting up and actively using a professional email address.

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